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Avoid an electric lamp directly by the bed

Avoiding alternating electric fields at the sleeping place

Avoiding alternating electric fields at the sleeping place

The sleep disturbances began with the new furniture

Sabine Loderer from Ansbach in Bavaria/Germany moved into a new bedroom within the house. Fittingly, the couple had purchased a new double bed in June. The selected model has a reading lamp integrated on the left and right side of the headboard. Sabine Loderer has been sensitive to electrosmog for several years and therefore had a mains decoupler installed in the circuit of the old bedroom. This device interrupts the power supply when the last “consumer” has been disconnected from the mains. In the new bedroom, this protective device was still missing. In recent weeks, Mrs. Loderer noticed that she was sleeping increasingly poorly. She wanted to get to the bottom of the cause and commissioned the building biologist Oliver Zenkel to conduct a sleeping place investigation.
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Severe cell phone radiation along boardwalk

Poorly designed antenna structure at Stockholm

Seven low-level mobile phone antennas are located along the shore road in the Skeppsbron district of Stockholm (Sweden). An international team of researchers led by Mikko Ahonen from Finland and Michael Carlberg from Sweden concluded in a study that the determination of the locations along the shore road serves as an example of a poorly designed antenna structure. A portable exposimeter was used to record electromagnetic radiation at various measurement points. The highest average field strength in one of the defined segments was 12.1 volts per meter (V/m), corresponding to a radiation density of 388 milliwatts per square meter (mW/m²). The peak value in the area studied was 31.5 V/m (2,648 mW/m²), reaching over 50 percent of the internationally accepted limit of 61 V/m at a frequency of 2,600 megahertz.
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Power line too close to the house

power line magnetic fields

Young family is looking for a property

Iris Graustein (Germany) has been looking for months a residential building in the suburban area. Finally, the broker reports with a financially appropriate offer. After inspecting the property Iris is in doubt. Because at a distance of ten meters leads a power line with two conductors to garden and house over. The utility company tells the family that it is a 20 kilovolt line. Contradictory information about magnetic fields near power lines can be found on the Internet. Even the called building biologist can not provide remote diagnosis. On the one hand, a much lower current flow is to be expected with the 20 kV line than with a large 380 kV line; On the other hand, the cables are very close to the house. The building biologist advises a long-term measurement over 24 hours to obtain certainty about the magnitude of the magnetic field in the apartment.
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TETRA radio waves should reach into the cellar

tetra radio wavesThe fire protection authority has recently visited the managers of high-rise buildings or communal buildings more frequently. The fire brigade wants to ensure that the recently introduced digital mobile radio technology TETRA provides consistent reception within the building. As proof the authority wants to have measurements of the field strength of certified engineering offices. If the continuous wireless connection is not confirmed, the owner must provide signal amplification. The central authority for digital radio BOS (Germany) issues a guideline for the planning and realization of object supply. At country level, the guideline is made even more concrete.
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Electrified railway line worried young family

Relatively high values directly at the railway line

Relatively high values directly at the railway line

Magnetic alternating fields on the building site

A power line in the vicinity of the construction site can have a significant influence on the selection of the land. In the case of the Herbig family from Bamberg/Germany, the power line supplied the railway track with an alternating current of 16 ⅔ Hz. Sven Herbig had inquired about the power stations and received the corresponding information. When measuring the magnetic alternating fields on the building site, the usual experience values were obtained: the load decreases sharply at a distance from the power line. In this case, despite the increasing distance, the measured value remained on a base of 20 nanotesla. This is reason enough for Sven Herbig to investigate the cause of the measurement results together with the instructed measuring technician.
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Why this scientific study from the US worried

Mobile phone study from the US

Mobile phone study from the US

The results of cellular studies with rats are for those responsible for the US government department National Toxicology Program (NTP) apparently so explosive that they published partial results immediately. Reason for concern are two types of tumors that occurred only in the irradiated animals: malignant brain tumors (gliomas) and schwannoma of the heart. Furthermore, the researchers found an increased incidence of hyperplasia in the experimental animals. This extraordinary increase in the number of cells within a tissue is considered precancerous. Correspondingly high was the echo of the international press on the research results. However, not close at all commentators of NTP assessment. Rather, there is the usual downplaying associated with critical cellular studies.
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If WiFi disrupts sleep

WiFi distubs sleep

Now the girl is sleeping well

Sometimes solutions can be quite simple. The parents turn the wireless router off at night and the two year-old daughter sleeping since then through again. The background: Susanna Rubin was with the nerves at the end. Her child woke up in the master bedroom at night nine to ten times screaming. If the family stayed away from home, there was no trouble sleeping. The building biologist initially investigated the area of the bed. There were a few little things to correct. For example, the low-frequency alternating electric fields could be eliminated almost entirely by turning off a circuit. For the electrostatic charging of the bed surface, there was also a solution. The main problem for the sleep was not to be found right in the bedroom.
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After the removal of the mobile station health improved

mobile phone base station

health problems disappeared after dismantling of a mobile phone base station

The German journal “Environmental Medicine Society” published in issue 12/2014 a mobile study of a Japanese research team. 107 residents of a skyscraper in Okinawa participated in 2009 in a clinical study in conjunction with a questionnaire. The response rate to the questionnaire was 88%.
Background: In the eight-storey high-rise building was attached in 1998 a mobile antenna in the range of 800 MHz. In March 2008, two additional transmission facilities were put into operation. They were broadcasting in the range of two GHz. The first health examination was carried out in January 2009, i.e. eleven months after the start of broadcasting in the 2-GHz-conditioning and eleven years after the start of the 800-MHz antenna. The second study was conducted in November 2009. At this time, both systems were already five months and nine months no longer in operation.
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Sitting in a magnetic field


computer mouse on a power mat

Wireless power chargers produce relatively high magnetic fields in the near field. The German building biologists Virnich / Moldan investigated in late 2009 mousepads that supplied the overlying computer mouse with electricity. The mouse pad itself was connected by cable and a USB stick to the computer. The measured value was more than 20 micro Tesla (μT) at a distance of five centimeters. For health risk assessment is still required an additional information: while the mains frequency is 50 Hz current of our house, “worked” the mouse pad with a fundamental frequency of 122.7 kHz. In addition, the power generated mat harmonics up to 10 MHz. Continue reading

The difficulty to shield magnetic fields

shielding magnetic fields

red is very strong , blue is weak

Transformers are often integrated in large office complexes or factories in the building. The current flow generates low-frequency alternating magnetic fields that can reach into the work area of employees. The workplace should be installed on the grounds of preventive occupational health and safety as far away as possible from the transformer station. As a guideline, the specification of the TCO standard is used with a value of 0.2 micro Tesla. In confined work spaces, the question may arise whether a shielding of the alternating magnetic fields is possible.
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