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Residential toxins in old prefabricated house

prefabricated house real estate check

prefabricated house real estate check

Building biologists are regularly asked for advice

Prefabricated houses from the seventies are part of the fixed portfolio of real estate agents. Mostly, the offers are tempting for young families. The most important plus points are considered to be a prime location, a relatively large plot of land, a good room layout and, ultimately, a favorable price. Too often, homebuyers suppress the problem of pollutants in older prefabricated houses. Even fifty years after completion, certain groups of pollutants have not yet been aired out.
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Zero tolerance for wood preservatives

pcp indoor

wood perservatives indoor

The temptation is great. A young family in northern Bavaria discovered a beautiful home in a great location with the right plan at an affordable price. The prefabricated wooden house was built in the seventies. Manuela Brenner has read of problems with these types of houses and caused a dust sample before buying. Laboratory analysis gives a value of 1 mg of pentachlorophenol (PCP) per kilogram of house dust. How is the health risk to be assessed? If the family to buy the house?
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Why wood preservatives are still an issue!

using wood preservtives?Wood exerts on many people a fascinating effect. Nevertheless, in Germany has the idea impressed that wood is always in danger of being destroyed by fungi or bacteria. Not for nothing is driving many homeowners in the construction markets, to buy chemical preservatives. After the wood preservative scandals in the seventies and eighties, some chemicals may however only be used outdoors. Continue reading