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Sitting in a magnetic field


computer mouse on a power mat

Wireless power chargers produce relatively high magnetic fields in the near field. The German building biologists Virnich / Moldan investigated in late 2009 mousepads that supplied the overlying computer mouse with electricity. The mouse pad itself was connected by cable and a USB stick to the computer. The measured value was more than 20 micro Tesla (μT) at a distance of five centimeters. For health risk assessment is still required an additional information: while the mains frequency is 50 Hz current of our house, “worked” the mouse pad with a fundamental frequency of 122.7 kHz. In addition, the power generated mat harmonics up to 10 MHz. Continue reading

Cooking on the magnetic field

stoves with induction hobs

Measuring the magnetic field

Tens of thousands of households in Europe want to give him any more, others regard it with skepticism and distrust. Stoves with induction hobs are on the rise. Technology enthusiasts will see the benefits in the rapid heating of food and in a precise allocation of energy without wastage. The burning of over boiled around the stove is eliminated because only the area of the pan is heated. So, no more scrubbing and mopping!

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