We want you to live and work healthily

We want you and your family to live healthily and your workplace to be free of sources of interference. You will receive information about indoor pollutants, molds, electromagnetic fields and health-compatible building materials.

Expert knowledge at first hand

All our articles are professionally researched and written by practitioners. We do not employ journalists, who write today about cook prescriptions and tomorrow about mountain climbing.

Independent of lobbyists

We are a politically, legally and financially independent network for healthy building and living. In the forums and mailing lists we offer multiple opportunities for the exchange of ideas and experiences. We orient ourselves in questions around new building and reorganization at the standard of the building-biological measuring technique (SBM).

Verified addresses in the company directory

Memberships in the company and partner directory are checked before inclusion. We do not support the sale of dubious shielding, interference suppression or harmonization products. Visitors to the site are asked to report violations of this code of ethics to our email address.

Get answers to your questions

We are happy to answer questions about healthy building and living by email. Please also use the contact form.