Avoid magnetic fields near the head

Expert measures with magnetometer

Expert measures with magnetometer

For investigation of sleeping areas, the main concern of the region is below the bed. In a particular case the building biologist found the problem not only on the ground, but primarily at the head of the sleeping quarters. What happened? Manfred Eberlein was not sleep at night after moving into a new apartment in the city center. In the old apartment he slept like a log. A dowser had already changed the roost some eight weeks before. However, this action was not successful.

Causes of magnetic field distortions

In magnetic interference the person thinks primarily of currents within the earth or to anomalies by faulting or fracturing. In daily practice, magnetic field distortions, however, are much more common with carbon steel in the floor slab. Magnetized steel parts generally have these undesirable effects. Often unrecognized problems caused by loudspeakers in the immediate vicinity of the sleeping place.

The 3D magnetometer detects finest magnetic field distortions

The FVM400 vector magnetometer (Meda) detects very fine deviations from natural geomagnetic field. The measured values are recorded in three dimensions and can be converted by a function key to a sum value. When searching for sources of interference, this is a practical procedure. The expert scans the sensor from the bed surface and the surrounding area up to a meter from the bed. The measurement indicator reacts immediately to ferromagnetic materials.


Magnetic DC fields show high flux densities in the vicinity. Even at a distance of 30 centimeters, the effect decreased measurably. At a distance of one meter, the fields are no longer effective in the normal case. Exceptionally, may be necessary for very strong magnets greater distances. The expert will determine the optimum bed position accurately with the 3-D magnetometer.

Magnetized metals in the wall as the cause of the anomaly

In the case of Manfred Eberlein ensured ferromagnetic metals in the wall for a striking measurement result. His bed was with the head end immediately before the magnetic field. Even at a distance of one meter, the anomaly was eliminated. An additional magnetic field distortion was found in a narrow strip of 30 by 50 centimeters over the concrete floor. The location of the bed could summarily be adjusted. Conclusion: the resident is maneuvered by a small displacement of the bed position in an interference-free environment.

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