Bra with mobile phone pocket

mobile phone near the body

not close to the body

The gag, sew a pocket for mobile phones in the bra is already used for some time in America. It should be extremely easy for young girls to plug the phone into the cut quickly and to have within reach. Now hit a few doctors in the U.S. alert: they find a connection between the support point of the phone and breast cancer. Dr. Lisa Bailey in an interview: “I would never wear a handset directly on the body.” Even men could get breast cancer if they carry the device in a shirt pocket. The tenor of the doctors is: better run precautionary as an unnecessary health risk. After all, writes the device manufacturer Apple in a statement to use iPhone5: “the handset should be worn at least 10 mm away from the body.”
Meanwhile in America are growing voices calling for a warning on the mobile phones: “Cancer possibly carcinogenic to humans”. The scientists thus relate to the classification of the international cancer agency IARC from 2011, which classifies cell phone radiation in the same risk group as car exhaust, lead and DDT.

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