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Living despite noise


soundproof-windows as “pixel-windows”

(Hamburg) The Hanseatic city tried long to resolve the conflict between downtown development, commercial development and road noise. With the housing industry was an “Alliance for Living” received. The urban sprawl of the outher regions should be avoided and existing green spaces in the city protected. Absolute priority is to focus on infill and brownfield sites. Downtown projects, however, are inviteable in the vicinity of roads, industrial parks and sports facilities. The design challange therefore is to avoid the noise and air pollutants.
The evaluation of the strategic noise mapping revealed that road traffic is the main source oft the noise pollution. Small-scale activities were carried out: intersection modifications, whispering asphalt, speed reduction. A truck-driving ban is in principle possible, but would have to be connected to a truck management system. A reduction of speed to 30 km/h at night time is also included in the concept, but after calculation provides only 2-3 dB noise reduction. Seen in sum the above mentioned noise avoidance strategies are not enough and must be supplemented by project-related activities. Continue reading