Cooking on the magnetic field

stoves with induction hobs

Measuring the magnetic field

Tens of thousands of households in Europe want to give him any more, others regard it with skepticism and distrust. Stoves with induction hobs are on the rise. Technology enthusiasts will see the benefits in the rapid heating of food and in a precise allocation of energy without wastage. The burning of over boiled around the stove is eliminated because only the area of the pan is heated. So, no more scrubbing and mopping!

Everything has to fit, when you are cooking on the magnetic field

Anyone wanting to use these advantages, needs head pots that are appropriate to the size of the induction hob. Using too small pots leads to wastage. The bottom of the pot should be flat and consist of magnetizable iron. Vessels of aluminum, copper,  glass, ceramic and stainless steel do not work properly. Sensitive individuals may interfere on the fan noise, which is necessary to cool the electronic control system.

Stoves with induction hobs generate a magnetic field of higher frequency

Conventional electric cooking and baking stoves work with household current with a frequency of 50 Hertz (Hz). Here too close to the furnace magnetic fields can arise. Particularly in the baking area of fields from 1,200 nano Tesla (nT) were measured at intervals of 10 cm. For induction cookers with a magnet coil, an electromagnetic field is generated and converted by contact with the magnetizable saucepan into heat. The magnetic coil produces fields in a frequency range between 20 and 50 kilohertz! So in a thousand times higher frequency range than conventional burners. Here it is worth noting that the health relevance of higher frequency fields has been studied even less than health burden in the 50-Hz range.

Precautionary limits

The 26th Bundesimmissionschutzverordnung (legal regulation in Germany) sees at 50 Hz before a limit value of 100.000 nT and at a frequency of 800 hertz up a limit of 6.250 nT. This is offset by lower precautionary values by other institutions. The Nova Institute published in 2002 a precautionary value of 200 nT at 50 hertz and 12.5 nT above 800 Hz plus a linear safety factor for frequencies up to 150 kilohertz.

Measurement results and recommendation

Mentioned in the report of the Nova Institute were measured at induction cooktops in the space of 10 centimeters 1800 nT, at 20 cm 140 nT and at 30 cm 35 nT. By keeping distance from the cooktop, the magnetic field exposure can be significantly reduced. The duration of stay in the range of 10 centimeters is exigently to avoid, especially for pregnant women and children. Manufacturers recommend persons with pacemakers to keep at least 40 cm away from the induction hob.


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