Reduce electromagnetic pollution in the office

reduce elektromagnetic fields at work

be vigilant against elektromagnetic fields at work

An employee of an engineering company complained for months about eye problems. In the Eye Clinic Robert M. was tested among other things, a sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. In fact, increased intraocular pressure, after a field source has been turned on in his surroundings. After this diagnosis, a building biologist made on the search for the problem. His order was: reduce electromagnetic pollution in the office.

Computers and monitors at the workplace

The processor of the computer generates an alternating magnetic field of more than 100 nanotesla at close range. At a distance of 50 centimeters, the alternating field tends to zero. As a result, the distance between seats of worker and PC should be increased. Monitors have different properties in this respect. Ideally, the screen emits only minimal magnetic field. In other cases, alternating magnetic fields of more than 50 nanotesla be measured on the screen. Next event: the processor of laptop generates a relatively high magnetic field directly above the keyboard. This problem can be solved well by the use of an external keyboard.

Desk lamps and adjustable tables

On the quality of desk lamps should not be saved. Lamps with a Euro plug produce a high alternating electric field, even if they are not turned on. A grounding plug reduces the field to zero. Energy saving lamps do not belong in the vicinity of the office workplace, because they produce both low-frequency and high-frequency fields. Lately heights adjustable desks are booming. The motor for height adjustment is often directly under the worktop and creates a permanent magnetic alternating field. A revised control ensures that only current flowing to the motor when the height adjustment is required.

DECT phones and wireless router

The high-frequency load caused by these devices is usually higher than from external mobile phone base stations. Optimal is a wired supply of jobs. The minimum requirement for wireless devices is to reduce the transmission load. The use of DECT phones with activated ECO mode and the range reduction in wireless routers provide less electrosmog. The router should not directly available in the office space, but in the hallway behind a solid wall.

Cell phone radiation from outside

The main problem with multi-party houses are cordless phones from other units. Anyone who has a good relationship with the neighbors, may find a compatible solution. This could be to give cordless phones with ECO mode. With strong radio radiation from external base stations helps only a shield of space to electromagnetic fields.

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