After a weak cell phone radiation: overproduction of free radicals in embryonic cells

Igor Yakymenko

Researcher Yakymenko

A new study of Kavetsky-Instituts/Ukraine on the influence of high-frequency radiation on living cells was published in September 2013. As a reminder, the German Radiation Protection Commission had informed the specialized committees of the German Bundestag in terms of new research results on mobile phone radiation at a hearing in May 2013. Thus, no new information would be available, the reduction of limit values ​​after 26 Federal Emission Control Ordinance (BImSchV) would make necessary. The SSK refers back to the German Mobile Telecommunication Research Programme that completed in 2008.  But further research is done especially abroad. More and more mosaic pieces strung together. The study of Kavetsky Institute was published on the website of the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information).

Research object: embryos of Japanese quails

The research team led by Igor Yakymenko (photo above left) wanted to prove how weak cell phone radiation leads to a statistically significant increase in tumor incidence. The relationship between the production of “free radicals” and oxidative stress in the cells should be demonstrated. These eggs from Japanese quails were exposed with a technically generated GSM-900 radiation at an intensity of 2,500 microwatts per square meter in a period 158-360 hours intermittent. Then cells from different tissues were examined for various markers of oxidative stress, such as super oxides and nitrogen oxides. Note: the supplied cell phone radiation is far below the ICNIRPP limits and thus does not lead to a thermal load.

Result and Conclusion

The irradiation resulted in a significant prolonged overproduction of superoxide and nitric oxide in embryonic cells during the whole period of the analysis. As a result is to call significantly increased TBARS and 8-oxo-dG, followed by significantly reduced levels of superoxide dismutase and catalase activities into the embryo cells. It has been furnished in this animal model to demonstrate that weak field exposure to cell phone radiation leads to a significant overproduction of free radicals / reactive oxygen species and oxidative damage of DNA in embryonic cells. These oxidative changes can lead to diseases, in the worst case up to  oncogenic transformation of cells.

Research team keeps low limits for “reasonable”

Yakymenko and colleagues join the request of the Austrian Medical Association, which called for a daily limit of 1 microwatt per square meter in 2012 at a permanent load of more than four hours. The cell phone radiation used in the experiment of 2,500 microwatts per square meter may apply permanently in living rooms and bedrooms when cordless phones with DECT standard or wireless stations are active there.

The complete study with many scientific details is available on below website:

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