Certified sampler for indoor pollutants

a proper sampling set

a proper sampling set

During the seminar “search and source quality indoor pollutants” on 09.16.2013 in Graefenberg/Germany participants heard from CEO Dr. Thomas Wirkner that Analysis Aurachtal is working on a concept for the qualification program “Certified sampler”. Building-biologists and other professionals in the field “interior analytics” thus improve their market opportunities with private and public clients, who are increasingly demanding a qualification card in the tender.

A proper quality manuel

The certification as usual for quality management systems (QMS), puts the Quality Manual at the center. This has to document, inter alia:
• Handling of test and calibration items
• Process of sampling
• metrological traceability
• competence of staff through regular training
• Proper consideration of measurement uncertainty
• Documentation of test reports and calibration certificates

Practical experience

Besides the quality of the management manual, the training and practical experience for the sampler is essential. He should be able to detect indoor pollutants, to use the correct sampling strategy, to select suitable material sample, to perform a high-quality sampling and to document the entire process.

Analysis Aurachtal offers this seminar-1 “sampling indoor air pollutants.” and seminar-2 “source identification and quality assurance including auditing” on. Furthermore, the applicant should be able to demonstrate at least three inspections or measurements with an experienced sampler in different measurement situations. The qualification is also at least an annual blank and duplicate samples of room air.

The concept represents a win-win situation

The sampler receives an economical certification and the laboratory has the possibility of getting high quality samples submitted for analysis. Further information directly from Dr. Thomas Wirkner under info@analytik-aurachtal.com

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