Wall design with tadelakt


selection of pigments

Tadelakt is a special lime from Morocco and referred the same technology of its processing. The technique has been known since ancient times, but in Europe are getting later into oblivion. It was used to produce drinking water cisterns to seal water pipes and make hamams, Moroccan steam baths. The term “tadelakt” is derived from the Arabic “dellek”, meaning “knead, press” and refers to the preparation of material for processing.

Original Tadelakt can only be found in one place in the world: in Marrakech. He is very skinny so he can after burning and erasing without aggregates such as sand or grit will be processed immediately. By natural impurities Tadelakt is high hydraulic, water resistant and vapor permeable. The wholly natural raw material is so permeable to water vapor and returns it back to the controlled space. This creates an optimal environment.

In recent years tadelakt in Europe has once again become popular. His followers do not want to forego the living structure of this precious natural raw material in their environment. And anyone who has ever touched the smooth, pleasantly cool in summer and warm in winter surface of a Tadelaktobjekts, the magic of this material can no longer avoid.


Tadelakt is extremely versatile: not only for the design of walls and residential properties, but also to give a special touch to wet areas. The unusual strength of a lime water based – in addition to the particularly favorable material properties – on the final surface treatment with a small smooth stone. Due to the strong pressure exerted when polishing with this stone on the Tadellakt surface, it is highly compressed. Tadelakt can be applied to many different substrates: on clay, concrete, brick and plaster specific.


Depending on incidence of light and the angle of the viewer, the color and the surface is very alive. It changes slightly with almost every step. The natural color of the tadelakt is gray-beige. For modification up to 5% pigments can be added. The pigment is given into marsh and mixed with Tadellakt mass to a tough pulp.Exactly how it works and then how to handle the bulk, we can show you in one of our workshops.

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