After a weak cell phone radiation: overproduction of free radicals in embryonic cells

Igor Yakymenko

Researcher Yakymenko

A new study of Kavetsky-Instituts/Ukraine on the influence of high-frequency radiation on living cells was published in September 2013. As a reminder, the German Radiation Protection Commission had informed the specialized committees of the German Bundestag in terms of new research results on mobile phone radiation at a hearing in May 2013. Thus, no new information would be available, the reduction of limit values ​​after 26 Federal Emission Control Ordinance (BImSchV) would make necessary. The SSK refers back to the German Mobile Telecommunication Research Programme that completed in 2008.  But further research is done especially abroad. More and more mosaic pieces strung together. The study of Kavetsky Institute was published on the website of the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information). Continue reading

Mold sampled under the floor

mold sampling

you need the right equipment

In the particular case due to insufficient sealing masonry water of a multi-family house had fallen into the basement and had soaked a storage area of ​​eighty square meters. Under the cement floor is a layer of insulation made ​​of polystyrene. The added expert had to decide whether the floor is completely to remove or if drying measures are sufficient. The nature and severity of the mold colonization is to be analyzed by the microbiological laboratory.

Planning and implementation of the component opening

For larger areas, the sampling points are to be determined in advance and draw in a map. It has proven to number the holes in the plan. The various sampling bags have the same number, thus allowing the unambiguous assignment and subsequent documentation. Opening device for core drilling can be carried out with a diameter of 5-8 cm. A powerful and sharp drill bits makes the job easy. Continue reading

2-chlorpropane increasingly noticeable indoors


2-chlorpropane found in a daycare center

The building department of Stuttgart (Germany) leads for new buildings and renovations in schools and daycare centers routinely measuring pollutants in indoor environments. These precautionary measures proved in case of daycare in Uhrlbach a stroke of luck. It has been found in the laboratory analysis of highly volatile substance (VVOC) 2-chlorpropane. Maybe you would not yet taken the result at the Stuttgart authority seriously, if not available in schools and nursery in Bavaria, the 2-chlorpropane would have noticed. Then, the Ad-hoc-working group of the interior Commision of Federal Environment Agency had responded and recommended values for the tear gas. According to the protocol of the meeting from 22./23. October 2012 stated as a guide-II 8mg/m3 and as a guide-I 0,8 mg/m3. Insiders know that the indicative “guide-I” is considered to be precautionary, to be taken any action. Continue reading

Living despite noise


soundproof-windows as “pixel-windows”

(Hamburg) The Hanseatic city tried long to resolve the conflict between downtown development, commercial development and road noise. With the housing industry was an “Alliance for Living” received. The urban sprawl of the outher regions should be avoided and existing green spaces in the city protected. Absolute priority is to focus on infill and brownfield sites. Downtown projects, however, are inviteable in the vicinity of roads, industrial parks and sports facilities. The design challange therefore is to avoid the noise and air pollutants.
The evaluation of the strategic noise mapping revealed that road traffic is the main source oft the noise pollution. Small-scale activities were carried out: intersection modifications, whispering asphalt, speed reduction. A truck-driving ban is in principle possible, but would have to be connected to a truck management system. A reduction of speed to 30 km/h at night time is also included in the concept, but after calculation provides only 2-3 dB noise reduction. Seen in sum the above mentioned noise avoidance strategies are not enough and must be supplemented by project-related activities. Continue reading

Certified sampler for indoor pollutants

a proper sampling set

a proper sampling set

During the seminar “search and source quality indoor pollutants” on 09.16.2013 in Graefenberg/Germany participants heard from CEO Dr. Thomas Wirkner that Analysis Aurachtal is working on a concept for the qualification program “Certified sampler”. Building-biologists and other professionals in the field “interior analytics” thus improve their market opportunities with private and public clients, who are increasingly demanding a qualification card in the tender. Continue reading

Mercury: If the compact fluorescent lamp breaks

mercury in compact flourescent lamps

do not break a bulb

Mercury has unexpectedly come back into the public consciousness. Thanks this is the Europe-wide introduction of “energy saving bulbs”. But few know that many other everyday products are containing the heavy metal, for example, in flat panel displays, timers, fax machines, older boilers, ovens and freezers. Button batteries in two weight percent mercury may still be present, otherwise the use in batteries since 2001 is no longer allowed. Continue reading

Fracking concerns us all



Shocked most viewers showed after the broadcast of the film “Gasland” last Tuesday at Arte TV. This is in any case clear from the comments on the eighty-Arte blog. The film from 2010 tells how high standards of environmental were repealed by lobbying in the United States. Then the way was clear for the gas companies. The hydraulic fracturing method attempts using large amounts of water, sand and chemicals extract natural gas from shale rock at great depth to pump, purify and bring into the gas grid. The chemically contaminated residual water must be disposed of. The fracking industry is in the chance of an independent international energy and job creation. “The energy belongs to us”, is the motto of the industry lobby. Continue reading

Bra with mobile phone pocket

mobile phone near the body

not close to the body

The gag, sew a pocket for mobile phones in the bra is already used for some time in America. It should be extremely easy for young girls to plug the phone into the cut quickly and to have within reach. Now hit a few doctors in the U.S. alert: they find a connection between the support point of the phone and breast cancer. Dr. Lisa Bailey in an interview: “I would never wear a handset directly on the body.” Even men could get breast cancer if they carry the device in a shirt pocket. The tenor of the doctors is: better run precautionary as an unnecessary health risk. Continue reading

Building-biology working group with new seal

workinggroup building-biology

use the new seal

As of now, members of the working group (AK) building biology experts can use a new seal on their website. Since 2008, the AK meets regularly in the Environmental Center Fulda for experience exchange. Through a confidential co-operation within the Corporate Directory of biology regional participants want to be successful together and overall provide a higher value for “building-biology”. The group operates in a structured manner. Still, plenty of scope for open discussion and brainstorming stay. The main points of the meeting, participants receive summarized in the report. Continue reading

Wall design with tadelakt


selection of pigments

Tadelakt is a special lime from Morocco and referred the same technology of its processing. The technique has been known since ancient times, but in Europe are getting later into oblivion. It was used to produce drinking water cisterns to seal water pipes and make hamams, Moroccan steam baths. The term “tadelakt” is derived from the Arabic “dellek”, meaning “knead, press” and refers to the preparation of material for processing.

Original Tadelakt can only be found in one place in the world: in Marrakech. He is very skinny so he can after burning and erasing without aggregates such as sand or grit will be processed immediately. By natural impurities Tadelakt is high hydraulic, water resistant and vapor permeable. The wholly natural raw material is so permeable to water vapor and returns it back to the controlled space. This creates an optimal environment. Continue reading