Hormone cocktails in toys and cosmetics

edc in plastic products

edc in plastic products

The Confederation of the Earth Germany (BUND) vehemently opposed hormonally active substances in plastic utensils and Cosmetics. In cooperation with other European organizations (NGOs), the German environmental organization wants to influence politics and industry to ban these hormone cocktails. BUND made attention early in 2010 on phthalates as plasticizers in child’s toys and bisphenol A in pacifiers and bottles. Currently the network is considered the attention of hormonally active chemicals in cosmetic products in the broader sense. Continue reading

The difficulty to shield magnetic fields

shielding magnetic fields

red is very strong , blue is weak

Transformers are often integrated in large office complexes or factories in the building. The current flow generates low-frequency alternating magnetic fields that can reach into the work area of employees. The workplace should be installed on the grounds of preventive occupational health and safety as far away as possible from the transformer station. As a guideline, the specification of the TCO standard is used with a value of 0.2 micro Tesla. In confined work spaces, the question may arise whether a shielding of the alternating magnetic fields is possible.
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Airtightness measurement using the blower door method


Blower Door system in practice

The requirement of airtight building envelope is a key concern for the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV). Therefore, the standard calls after completion of the construction project, an acceptance test for air tightness. With the blower door technology now a standard airtightness measurement method was created. The DIN EN 13829 regulates the organizational processes, the actual measurement procedure and the necessary instrumentation. With Blower Door can already be seen during construction leaks in the building envelope and eliminate cost-effective. Continue reading

Noise protection of air heat pumps should be planned carefully

noise protection

an air heat pump could be noisy

Increasingly, people are annoyed by ugly noises of air heat pumps in the neighbor’s garden. Who pays when purchasing these devices only on efficiency and price, jumped too short. Especially it brings residents to the palm when the air source heat pump is directly on the plot. Here, an important shift is already possible in the preselection of the manufactured product: the sound power level gives information about the volume of the device. In practice spans 15 to 20 dB (A) are possible – the aim should be SPL of less than 50 dB (A). This figure must specify in its technical description of the device manufacturer. Continue reading

Internal insulation with mineral foam panels

mineral foam plates

mineral foam plates beeing fixed

The building materials industry classifies interior-insulation-systems increasingly as lucrative market. Here, the swing goes from impermeable material, to open to diffusion and capillary systems. The specially developed plates have the following basic pattern: lime, cement, sand and egg white proteins for frothing. The bulk density is low with values less than 100 kg/m3. This brings good insulation values. With the plates U-values from 0.5 to 0.4 W (m2K) can be achieved. When wall mounting the manufacturer’s instructions should be followed. Continue reading

Bluetooth provides additional electromagnetic fields

bluetooth headset

bluetooth headset

The wireless technology for short range has established. Striking are Bluetooth applications especially in the wireless headsets. Meanwhile often seen: a guy or girl wearing a small device such as a clothespin on the ear. The mobile phone is in your pocket or hanging on the belt. By radio application, the speech is transmitted to the handset. Initially, the communication between devices was the focus: wireless mouse and wireless keyboard found their way into the office world. Always new applications in the meantime occur: industrial automation, communicating with each other play equipment, alarm systems, wireless headset or hands-free kits in cars. Meanwhile Bluetooth modules are integrated for the hands-free function even in cordless phones DECT-standard. Continue reading

When moisture damage the base heating is an alternative to internal insulation

wall heating

wall heating

Mold assessors know the problem. When steam condensate is reflected on the cold areas of a room and leads to an increased surface moisture, the wall structure has to be carefully examined. A classic thermal bridge occurs when the surface temperature at certain points of the wall is several degrees Celsius lower than the room air temperature. The first proposal for a fix will be in an improvement of the thermal insulation. Who would conceive, to avoid thermal bridges by a base heater? Continue reading

Protection against electrosmog: Shielded cables, electricity mains decoupler or wall shield?

shielded cable

use shielded cables where possible

Artificially generated electric fields occur in every house. Cause is the power supply voltage that is present in the power lines and electrical equipment, even if the connected device is not in operation. The voltage is 230 volts in private homes, in medium voltage systems 20 kilovolts (kV) and high voltage systems 110, 220 or 380 kV. Electric fields can affect our health. They are, therefore, to reduce as much as possible. What protective measures taken by the private owner, depends on the state of the house: Old building, new construction, multi-family home, rental or own use. Continue reading

Create a healthy indoor climate


a hygrometer is an important equipment

“Another article about healthy indoor climate”, some readers will think. The author finds it necessary to shed light on this important aspect of building and living in detail as a good indoor climate is often reduced to only heating and ventilation. But it must be observed even more aspects. The building- biology takes nature as a model. The aim of planning must be to produce as much as possible natural conditions in the interior. Continue reading

Disastrous “low-budget” mold treatment


expert measures wall moisture

Recently made in the press a report circulating that many mold remediation are not conducted properly. “Three quarters of the architect, building surveyor, construction and renovation contractor and lawyers assume that 70 percent of the renovations are flawed,” reported the director of the Institute Peridomus Dr. Gerhard F├╝hrer from Himmelstadt/Germany. Even if there should be ten or twenty percent fewer cases, the incidence of improper renovations would be a disaster for the affected residents. So-called “brush renovations” mean nothing else than that the moisture damage was simply painted over. The new tenant sees the problem not at first attempt and the landlord has his first sleep. Continue reading