Avoid chronic insomnia

avoid chronic insomnia

Seepless at night

Sleep disorders are about twenty percent of the reason to ask a building biologist for advice. This resulted in a recent survey among colleagues of German Baubiologie Regional. Takes the insomnia for more than three months, experts speak of a chronic disorder. Sufferers should at least then seek medical advice. Accompanying the medical treatment the building biologist examines physical, chemical or microbial abnormalities at the sleeping place.

Some good advice to avoid chronic insomnia from Bayern-2-radio-station

In the radio program from july 2016 the internist Dr. Marianne Koch discussed together with the moderator Klaus Schneider and radio listeners the theme “sleep” thoroughly.
Marianne Koch summarizes the positive effects of a healthy sleep as follows:
a) during sleep the brain assigns long-term memory again; important experiences of the previous day are sorted into specific “drawers”
b) the immune system regenerates; the susceptibility to infection is reduced and set the metabolic syndrome (blood sugar, high blood pressure and weight).
c) the “hunger hormone” ghrelin is regulated; there is the assumption that lack of sleep causes increased ghrelin secretion, and thus leads to the development of obesity.

Certain medications and alcohol hinders sleep

The use of certain medications evening hinders sleep, for example, Cortisone, beta-blockers or antidepressants. Addicting sleeping products containing benzodiazepines may be taken a maximum of three months. Recommended are the following natural remedies: valerian root, hops, lemon balm leaves and Passion flower; St. John’s wort also acts anitdrepressiv. Alcohol is only superficially a help: While it may help you fall asleep, but leads within a few hours to wake up; moreover, the liver has to work very hard at night through degradation of the alcohol.

Checklist for sleep hygiene

• Who’s daytime physically active, is automatically tired evening. Mental workers should provide the balance through sport or physical work after hours.
• Avoid heavy food and alcohol before going to sleep
• computer work and watching TV end time
• relaxation exercises and gymnastics before going to sleep
• The bedroom should be dark; each light beam interferes with the secretion of melatonin
• The bedroom is not the workplace: computer or TV are off limits.

Investigation of the sleeping place

In researching the causes of insomnia sleep square itself and around the bed should be included. The physical fields can be measured well with professional instruments: the electrical tension in the room and the alternating magnetic fields are most often caused by household power lines. By maintaining distance from the noise source or by installing a mains switch in the circuit can eliminate the problem.

Radio waves

Radio waves from outside act to varying degrees into the bedroom. Typically, the mobile radio transmitter is visible near; in some cases, the transmit antennas are but hidden behind facades or in fictitious chimneys. The expert measures the load in the bedroom and recommends if necessary shielding measures.

Chemical or microbial contaminants

Chemical or microbial contaminants can not be seen at first glance. A structured interview with the person concerned is at the beginning of the source search. It is important to know whether structural changes were carried out in the last twelve months. From the description of further disease symptoms ultimately results in the approach to laboratory analysis and derived a plan for remedial measures.

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