Checklist for “second-hand” homes

Checklist for used homes

be carefull with second-hand-homes

Young families often have too little capital to build a new home. Alternatively, see the potential homeowners to the market for second-hand houses or apartments. In the assessment of “used” caution is advised. It may occur many problems that are not recognized at first sight by the laity.

Penetrating moisture

A serious problem arises from the outside or down in the wall penetrating moisture. The rehabilitation may be complicated and expensive. Very “smart” home sellers bring wallcoverings in front of the wet spots to hide this. Therefore, urgent attention to musty odor or mildew colonisation. In case of vague suspicion an air sample is advisable. Building biologists examine default walls and ceilings with a moisture meter.

Insufficient insulation

Older houses usually lack sufficient thermal insulation in all parts. Whether wall, roof, ceiling or window – put everything to the test! The energy certificate is now mandatory for real estate sales in Germany and should absolutely be claimed.

Electrical installation does not match the standard

The electrical installation is not in very old houses usually with today’s standards. A modern RCD is the minimum requirement for prospective buyers. Moreover occurring electrical fields from the house wiring should be assessed. In the best case, the installation of two to three demand switches remedy against electrosmog.

Other possible problems when buying older homes:

• asbestos insulation radiator
• damaged water pipes
• not insulated hot water pipes
• electric night storage heaters
• Water pipes of lead-containing material
• use of toxic wood preservatives
• formaldehyde in certain types of prefabricated houses
• radon through leaky basement

Good advice does not have to be expensive

Building biologists check the property after the building biology standard and give the prospective buyer sufficient security or advise against the purchase.
A survey of German experts

Complete this checklist for “second-hand” homes

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